Low Nicotine Experimental Cigarettes To Help Quit Smoking

Tobacco is very injurious to health. Not that we don’t know that but it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. For those people who want to quit smoking but failing again and again to do that a research company in North Carolina has invented Experimental Cigarettes that have 97 percent less nicotine content. The experimental cigarettes are made from genetically altered tobacco. Good news for the smokers that those cigarettes are no different in taste and smell than conventional cigarettes.

The Massachusetts Company, the 22nd century Group is the producer of the experimental cigarettes. The 98 patents for genetic manipulation of tobacco plants belong to the company. The company wants to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes.

The National Institutes of Health in North Caroline is reported to buy nine million experimental cigarettes to lead the research. The purpose of the researchers is to reduce the tendency of smoking among people. Their plan is to give some of those cigarettes to 500 smokers and observe them for 6 months. They want to test whether smoking those experimental cigarettes lead them to quit smoking or they switch to those cigarettes from the so called cigarettes. The New York Times reported that.

The National Institution of Health wants those people who are trying hard to quit smoking but failing again and again to shift from smoking conventional cigarettes to smoke those experimental cigarettes. Because by smoking those cigarettes they don’t have to compromise with their favorite taste and smell and more over because of very low nicotine content those experimental cigarettes are not injurious to health.

Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Dorothy K. Hatsukami the associate professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh Eric C. Donny has mentioned that the research will use nearly 1.5 million experimental cigarettes.