Low Radiation CT Scan Can Reduce The Cancer Risk

On Monday a low radiation of CT scan has been launched at the city hospital which is enough being able to reduce the risk of cancer through its controlled radiation.

According to the doctors of that Sir Ganga Ram Hospital it is very cleared that this equipment, 128-Slice CT Scanner, is associated with quite potentialities of reducing the radiation by at least 40 percent.

In the mean time T.B.S. Buxi, the chairman of the department of CT Scan and MR imaging from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, has stated “The main difficulty occurs in the conventional CT scan, while the doctor wants to enhance the radiation in order to get best quality image from that scanner, but they can not do that due to safety reasons.”

Buxi has said “If a high radiation passes through the body of anyone then his / her DNA can damage, more often for the cancer patients it can damage their cancer also.”

The hospital authority has claimed that it is the first scanner in the South East Asia region basing on its work. Though, they have declared the cost of the test also, that is approx Rs. 1700 /- .

This technique is very helpful to diagnose medical condition of different areas such as internal organs, blood vessels, scanning of bones and soft tissues by using a special type of X-Ray equipment.

Moreover, this scanning procedure at a time produces multiple images in spite of single image of the inside portion of the body and fights against different kinds of disease like infectious diseases, cancer, appendicitis, cardiovascular disease, multi-skeletal disorders and trauma.

Baxi added “The equipment is quite being able to give more clear image within a more short period that range is in seconds. But, a patient entire body mass as well as the body structure is considered for fixing the amount of radiation that this machine is to be released.”