Many Useful Benefits of Figs Revealed

We all like to eat figs more or less. Figs are found in its dried form throughout the year. The matter of fact is that it tastes better in its dried form. Figs contain vitamins A, B and many essential minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron and manganese that help building our body. A recent study has proved that figs are not only tasty they serve us with many health benefits.

The study has listed many health benefits of eating figs. Like:

Figs contain a fiber named Pectin, which is easy soluble. That’s why eating figs are advantageous to digestive systems. That element Pectin also helps to drain out extra cholesterol from body.

Figs contain low level of sodium and high level of potassium. When a body acquires more sodium and less potassium it gets affected by Hypertension. Eating figs cut down the risk of developing Hypertension by increasing the level of potassium and decreasing the level of sodium in body. Because of high potassium content figs also control blood sugar level in body. It also prevents urinary calcium loss.

Researchers have claimed the helpfulness of dried figs in preventing heart diseases as figs contain omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids and also phenol.

Figs help in building up bones as they contain calcium.

Because of its high mucilage content figs are very useful to prevent throat sore.

Figs are also helpful to prevent anemia, because of their rich iron content. Figs remove tiredness and refresh brain activities.

Figs also prevent the body from macular degeneration. Another usefulness of figs is that they can remove acne and pimples, to remove pimples and acne one just have to mash figs and leave it on the pimples and acne for 10 to 15 minutes, the researchers has claimed.