Mastectomy Can Be Safely Followed By Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy can be followed by Breast Reconstruction
According to latest findings, it is completely safe to go in for breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy. This is in contrast to previous beliefs that there has to be a time gap between the two procedures. Mastectomy is usually performed when a women contracts breast cancer which necessitates the surgical removal of the breast. Depending on the spread of cancer, one or both the breasts are removed. The removal of breast leaves a void in the area that can be covered with reconstructive surgery.

Details of the study
For the study, researchers took into consideration one hundred and seventy women who were in advanced stages of breast cancer and had undergone mastectomy. These women had also opted to have reconstruction surgery performed right after removal of breast. Among all these women, thirteen had undergone mastectomy and reconstruction of both the breasts. For reconstruction, tissues from other parts of the body are used. In case of these women, abdominal tissues, called TRAM flaps, were used for reconstruction.

Results of the study
Among all these women, fifteen of them developed complications, which were triggered due to further treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. These procedures were begun after three weeks of reconstruction of one or both the breasts. Further, fifteen women has a relapse of breast cancer even after mastectomy and reconstruction. It was however; found that the recurrence has nothing to do with reconstruction.

Study supports immediate reconstruction after mastectomy
Dr. Christopher A. Crisera said in a written statement that the study is conclusive proof that immediate reconstructive surgery neither affects further treatment nor triggers recurrence of breast cancer. Dr. Crisera is the lead researcher in this study group and belongs to the Los Angeles Medical Center of University of California. The study supports reconstruction of one or both breasts after removal.

Risk of complication is low after mastectomy
The study went on to prove that mastectomy followed by reconstruction has very low incidence of risk. The study also shows that immediate reconstructive surgery does not cause delay in treatment. All scheduled treatments can take place as per plan even after reconstruction. This study opens up gates for many women who debate on having reconstructive surgery done after mastectomy. Hardly 9% of the total women taken into consideration for the study developed complications and none of them were due to immediate reconstruction. The procedure is safe even for those women with recurrent cancer.