Menopausal Women Can Use Soy As A Solution To Crows Feet

Latest research has revealed a special natural supplement extracted from Soy to reduce the occurrence of crow’s feet around the eyes for menopausal women. The element is a nutritional germ based supplement which contains S-equol. The study has been conducted on Japanese women who have achieved menopause. The study was presented during the annual meeting of North American Menopausal Society. Conclusive facts have been obtained from the study about the effectiveness of the soy element in reducing crow’s feet. This is however not the first study that has proved that soy extract supplement Natural S-equol is good for skin health. The distinction of the present study is that this is the first study of its sort that has examined the problem with regard to the skin of menopausal women. Lead researcher Belinda H. Jenks, Ph. D has said that remarkable results were obtained from the use of Natural S-equol.

The study also gives a large scope to study the effect of Natural S-equol on women belonging to different races. S-equol is short for 7-hydroxy-3-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)-chroman. This is extracted when an isoflavone that is present in soybeans is digested by the germs or microorganisms present in the digestive tract. This results as a result of natural metabolic activities. Specifically, diadzein is the compound that gives rise to S-equol. However, the emphasis here is on the natural process of extraction by the germs in the stomach. People living in Asia usually eat higher amounts of soybean when compared to North Americans.

This is why Asian women have higher content of S-equol in their bodies. Besides consuming adequate quantities, the effects on this element also depend on the kind of microorganisms that are present in the digestive tract, especially in the intestines. The positive effects of S-equol are also seen in the manifestation of menopausal symptoms. It was found that people who digested soy well and released large amounts of S-equol had fewer menopausal symptoms than those who had lesser quantities in their bodies. Some of the most apparent symptoms such as hot flashes can be reduced when healthy amounts of S-equol are present in the body. According to the research, it is important to obtain 10 to 30 mg of S-equol everyday in order to gain benefits from the extract. Crow’s feet wrinkles are reduced in size and depth. The facts were revealed by Ayuko Oyama, who is the lead author of the research paper hailing from the Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute that is run by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd.