Muscle Mass Training Helps Evade Diabetes

Diabetes can be kept at bay by regular resistance training, according to latest findings. The risk of Type 2 diabetes was found to be largely reduced when people are within the range of healthy body weight. The study has found that people who are obese and overweight are more prone to contracting diabetes since their level of resistance to insulin is higher. The excess cellulite present in the body of overweight people does not allow insulin to function at the optimum level and hence, increases the risk.

Experts opine that although overweight and obesity contribute in encouraging diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is not confined only to overweight and obese people. For the study, data was collected of 13,644 adults from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III. None of them were pregnant and all of them had a minimum body mass index of 16.5. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of body mass on the level of insulin produced in the body and its functioning.

The research has found that every 10% increase in the body mass increases the risk of diabetes substantially. Insulin resistance is reduced by 11% and prediabetes is reduced by 12%. Prediabetes is the condition when the person cannot be declared diabetic but does have a high level of sugar in the body.

Other than these factors, there are several other factors affecting the incidence of diabetes in the body. The results obtained in the study held true when the other factors were considered as well. Hence, it can safely be concluded that a good workout and maintaining a healthy body mass index that falls in the normal range are clear remedies of Type 2 workout. Further, it was also found that people who already suffered from Type 2 diabetes can benefit up to a large extent from resistant exercises.

An associate professor of medicine, University of California, division of geriatrics, Dr. Arun said that what is more important in avoiding Type 2 diabetes is the extent of muscle mass in the body. He also said that while you may not find much weight loss through resistance exercises, the fact that fat is being converted into muscle is important. It is important not just to go on crash diets and lose weight but to convert fat into muscle through exercises. In order to avoid type 2 diabetes, the balance of mass has to shift towards more muscles.