New Drug Treatment To Cut The Risk Of Heart Attack

In the present market a new clot-busting drug has approved in order to use in NHS, which is quite be able to cut the risk of dying after heart attack. In this drug Brilique has taken along with aspirin, which is much more suitable for those people who have been admitted to a hospital after the period of heart attack or after the episode of unstable angina. The entire report has published according to the draft guideline from the NICE or National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

This new drug generally prevents the new blood clot formulation and maintains the total blood flow to the heart. In comparison with any other existing drug treatment in the present market the drug “clopidogrel” cuts the 21 % risks of dying and suffering of other cardiovascular event including heart attack by 16% within just 12 months of treatment.

More than 180,000 people will get the benefit from the treatment including 70, 000 patients with unstable angina and 113,000 patients with an existing or earlier heart attack. You can get this drug from your nearby stores just for an affordable price range i.e. 56 tablet pack will cost £54.60.

With the sequence to the fact Dr. Carole Longson, the director of Nice Health Technology Evaluation Centre stated “Ticagrelor is one of the latest drugs and is associated with an ever increasing number of important components as well as interventional techniques that are quite be able to reduce the deaths in patients along with acute coronary syndromes.”

Kausik Ray, the professor of preventioning cardiovascular disease at St George’s Research Centre in London said “Despite of the current treatment option, in general one in each 7 patients will die within a year by a heart attack.”

Later he also added “Ticagrelor has specially demonstrated in order to reduce a patient likelihood of dying from an acute coronary event or heart attack.”