A New Hope For Curing Cancer Cells

A media report said on Friday that British Scientists had found a new way of killing cells of cancer.

The entire study by the British Scientists not only sheds light on the way of some people who usually fail in responding to chemotherapy but also it broadcasts a new way of targeting cancer cells- according to the report of  the Daily Express.

Until this research has made, many scientists and doctor thought that only a cell could die a process, known as apoptosis. Though, usually apoptosis is more often blocked by the cells of cancer and the entire drug often do not work, which is another sign of allowing the tumor to grow and spread.

Through out this finding the Institute of Cancer Research or ICR and Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre here familiarize us with a new process, known as necropotosis, in which the cells can die.

This study was published in the online edition of the Molecular Cell journal. “Through out the entire study the researchers had also found that it was quite possible to activate a set of proteins which often push cancer cells towards this form of cancer death.”

The main fact is it also raises the hope of this new targeted treatment, which may even kill the tumor cell in order to prove the resistant to apoptosis.

With refers to the fact, Pascal Meier, the author of this study from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at Institute of Cancer Research has stated “This finding most commonly represents a new link line of attracting the fight against cancer. Though, chemotherapy is still present there around for decades, but till yet we have not understood who this kills the cancer cells of the body.”