New Law wants Whooping Cough Vaccination

When the school kids will go back to school this year they are going to need more than a rucksack full of necessary school materials, apart from that they will also require a whooping cough vaccine. A new California state law has made it mandatory that all students be vaccinated against whooping cough. The law also demands that students who are going to the higher classes like seven to twelve receive a booster shot or show proof that they have been immunized before they can begin the 2011-2012 school session year.

The Whooping cough which we also know by the name of pertussis can be pretty serious. It is seen that majority of the children are vaccinated but immunity wades away. Being in the case of adult, you should be re-vaccinated after every interval of ten years, but do you know if you have been. People have no idea about that but they should investigate at the next doctor’s visit.

The Whooping Cough or else Pertussis has developed into more and more widespread in our world because the lack of knowledge which the people has about it. This illness is generally confused with the common cold because the early stage symptoms are almost identical.

The key difference is that after the common cold reaches the highest point of stage one then starts runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, the rare cough, and the likelihood of a low-grade fever it decreases a bit, while in the case of Whooping Cough it goes into the second stage. This stage comprises of strong and drawn out coughing attacks. After about eight to ten weeks of the second phase those affected with Pertussis enter into the third stage where the fits become lesser and less intense.

More than half a million Americans alone are supposed to get Whooping Cough every year. The figures can vary as only about ten thousand cases are reported. Many cases are mild and the sufferers may simply think they have a cold. Whooping cough got its name whoop when breathing in, but this only takes place in a smaller portion of the cases. Another indicator is quite cold like making it easy to dismiss as just a cold only.

We may never be able to know particularly if it was mild. The legislature introduced and passed Assembly Bill 354 which advises that all students ten and over be vaccinated against the infection. The actual intention of the bill was to require pertussis whooping cough booster shots for secondary school students as the teenagers consist of the maximum number of cases being reported. Yet, the country law still allows parents to file a medical and personal belief exemption.

In case you have earlier filed exclusion, a new form must be signed for the pertussis booster requirement. School districts all over the state have already begun to inform the parents about the new vaccination necessity. During the process of registration, all students will be required to show proof of vaccination for whooping cough before starting school.