New Test To Detect Early Kidney Disorder

A team of health investigators have stated that the entire risk of cardiac disorders, which in general happens due to the kidney diseases, can now be reduced just by an X-ray which will help by detecting those at an early stage.

AK Bhalla, a co- chairman as well as senior consultant of the department of the nephrology of Sir Ganga Ram hospital, has stated “The patients who have been suffering with chronic kidney diseases may get a higher level of phosphorus within their blood, which can even causes for the increment of calcification at the area of heart valves as well as major arteries. More often that may lead those patients towards a high risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Later Bhalla added “In short Lumbar X-ray of spine is used to identify the stones at the area of nephrocalcinosis and kidney, which in future can even lead those towards renal failure.”

With the sequence to the fact many experts have now admired that the abdominal X-ray is quiet potential to determine calcification at the right time as well as helps successfully at the area of preventing fatal consequences. This test will cost around 200 to 300 Rupees.

Ashwani Gupta, from the department of nephrology of the Ganga Ram Hospital, has said “The lumber X-ray is also quite being able to show vascular calcification, which in general causes for kidney disorders.”

According to the survey of the National Kidney Foundation of India, more than 100 in each and every million of pollution are suffering from the kidney diseases, while more than 90,000 kidney transplants have been required in this country per year. But the practical fact is from those only 22.5 percent can get the requiring dialysis and treatments.

Though, some experts have stated that kidney diseases can happen due to the hypertension and diabetes also.