New Treatments To Give People Relief From Asthma Attack

A team of researchers have now discovered a new treatment for thousands of Asthma patients all over the world, who have been suffering with a late phase of these symptoms after being exposed to the allergens, which may cause some breathing difficulties to those patients and can even list up to 24 hours.

In this regards the scientists from the Imperial College London have involved many rats and mice. After observing them they have found that the late asthmatic response can be happened due to the allergen triggers sensory nerves at the area of the airways.

These nerves are quite being able to activate reflexes that trigger the other one for releasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – the combined result is narrowness of airways.

On another sense the researchers have claimed that this finding can even be applied on human, because with the help of this drug, which in general block acetylcholine and usually known as anticholinergics, it is possible to treat those patients who are experiencing late phase of responses by following exposure to allergens.

Professor Maria Belvisi, from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London and the lead author of this study, has stated “Many asthmatics have experienced the symptoms after being exposure to the allergens during the period of day, but till yet we have not found out how this late response of it is happened.”

Later he has also added “In the mean time our study is indicating that anticholinergic drug is quiet being able to alleviate these symptoms of Asthma attacks.”

In spite of that the research has also indicated that in general sensory nerves are involved at the time of this asthma attack and it can be prevented though it is in the late stage of this asthmatic response.

The entire research has been published in the journal Thorax this week.