No evidence to prove that aspirin helps women to get pregnant

For years, women who are not successful of getting pregnant the natural way resort to using aspirin to help them get pregnant, but now scientist have proven that aspirin has nothing to do with it.

The result is a combination of result from 15 different studies. Researcher found out that aspiring does not have enough evidence that helps women to get pregnant.

Three of the said studies have consulted more than 500 women who want to get pregnant.  All of them has the same motivation as each one wants to get pregnant.  However, the result proves that aspirin does not work since only 108 got pregnant and gave birth.

The odds of success for those, not given with aspirin almost has the same number.  In fact, there are more women, who got pregnant without using aspirin.  Out of the 528 women, 119 got pregnant.

University of Athens in Greece Lead Researcher, Dr. Charalambos Siristatidis, say couples who undergo IVF are so desperate that they are going to do anything so that the woman gets pregnant.

He added that there is no clear evidence that would prove the success rate of women to get pregnant gets higher, if they are going to take aspirin.

The researchers have published their report in the Cochrane Library, published by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international research organization, evaluating all medical evidence.

There is a theory that aspirin could help in improving IVF but also boosting the blood flow in the process both in the ovaries and uterus.  It might also help in improving blood clot sin the vessels of the placenta, helping nourish the bat even before it got out to the world. However, such studies are coming into mixed conclusions that it is going to be hard to tell, which one is correct.

Professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University in New York, Dr. Roger Lobo, says there  is a case of women who has a problem with their blood clothing.

Lobo believed that once the women, undergoes blood clothing problem.  The aspirin might prove to be helpful since it could stop the bleeding.

However, this is not the case when it comes to women, who do not have any problem around the uterus. It is the quality of the embryo that heightens the pregnancy rate and not the aspirin.  He does not get surprised that the aspirin does not have any effect at all.

On the last statement that Lobo releases, he stated that there is  no evidence to prove the superstitious belief.  In fact, too much aspirin could lead to a greater risk.