Obesity – Cause for Damage of Brain Cells

Obesity damages brain cells

Obesity is one of the main concerns of today. According to the researchers in the United States, the intake of high calorie diet leads to injury of neurons in the brain that play a vital role in controlling of body weight. Strategies have to be developed to reduce this problem.

Case study
A study was conducted on the rodents for certain duration of time with high intake of calorie food. The duration included from several days to a few months and the result proved to have significant effects on the brain cells. The analysis has detected a major damage to the nerve cells called neurons thereby leading to the eventual loss of weight regulating cells. The study was conducted by Dr. Joshua Thaler at the University of Washington. Thaler believes that there is a possibility of a huge damage to brain due to consumption of a typical high calorie diet. Medicines must be developed in such a way that they minimize the damage caused to brain cells.

What you need to do
You must restrict your calorie intake as this problem can even lead to memory loss. A person’s health depends on the dietary choices he makes. Most of the people having the problem of obesity get into big trouble. Human beings are adapted to lead a holistic lifestyle. Sedentary workers are the main victims. They are subjected to lot of stress and they overeat. The processed sugar and trans-fats add to obesity. These processed carbohydrate diets and trans-fats damage the brain cells rapidly. It’s high time that people adapt new diet plans and avoid intake of high calorie food.

Things you need to keep away from
You need to stop eating processed carbohydrate foods like muffins, cookies, and start over with healthy diet like carrots, spinach, fruits, broccoli etc. You can replace beverages with water that will rather keep the brain hydrated. Vegetables and fruits are always a good choice that adds to a healthy diet. Avoiding candy bars will help you in preventing obesity as well. Make sure that you go for a good physical exercise that not only keeps your body toned but also keeps you active at the same time.

Protect your brain
Brain is a very precious part of human body. It is time you analyze the substantial effects caused due to intake of high calorie food over neurons present in the brain. Remember, a little intake of junk food would not hurt but intake of unhealthy high calorie food for a prolonged duration affects the brain cells drastically and may even cause their death.