Obesity In Adulthood Can Be Avoided By Drinking Low Fat Milk In Childhood

Obesity is one of the major health risks in today’s world. The rate of obesity is alarmingly increasing among children and teenagers. According to latest reports, drinking adequate low fat milk during childhood can help significantly in fighting obesity in adulthood. While the importance of milk was stressed upon by health experts in order to lend strength to bones and increase their calcium content, it has now come to light that milk consumption can play a major role in controlling weight as well. The consumption of low fat milk should begin from the age of 2. The study has laid emphasis on consumption of low fat milk over whole milk in order to curb obesity. According to the survey conducted by CDC, it was found that while a majority of children did drink milk, only a few of them drank low fat milk.

According to statistics, while the total child population that drinks milk is 73%, the low fat milk drinking population is lower than 20%. Low fat milk refers to milk that has fat concentration of less than 1%. It was also found that 45% of the children drank milk that was reduced in fat content although the concentration was much higher than 1%. The percentage of low-fat milk drinkers was 13% between the ages of 2 and 5, 21% in kinds between 6 and 11 and 23% for teenagers between 12 and 19. On the whole, 32% of the population drank whole milk. The study also showed that the percentage of low fat and whole milk consumers varied as per race and income group. Children of American Africans and Hispanics were found to be drinking whole milk white a majority of white children consumed low fat milk. Considering income groups, it was found that higher income groups drank low fat milk while lower income group were inclined to drink whole milk.

The American Academy of Pediatricians has recommended guidelines that state that low fat milk consumption should begin from the age of 2 but not many people have been found to follow the guideline. The consumption of low fat milk is also recommended by The Surgeon General Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation. This report was released in 2010 and it promotes consumption of low fat milk with reduced mix of sugar or other sweeteners. Water consumption in high quantities is also recommended by the report. Observing such guidelines can help in curbing the number of obese adults.