Opioids Lead Adults To Pneumonia

Nowadays many of us suffered from the bad habit of taking too much pain killers. But we don’t think about the future effects of taking so much pain killer and we are not even aware of the harms caused by these drugs to us.

A researcher group of the Group Health Research Institute and the University of Washington has showed that thoughtless intake of Opioids like Morphine, Codeines etc., leads people of 65 to 94 years of age to Pneumonia. They have found that other pain killers like Benzodiazepines, which are given to Insomnia Patients do not cause pneumonia. The leader of the researcher team Sascha Dublin has said that it has been found in animal study that giving opioids damaged the immune system of the animals and that led to pneumonia.

The researchers requested the members of the Group Health Cooperative to be their subject in the study. They divided the subjects in two groups. One of the groups contained the people, who had suffered from pneumonia during the time period of 2000 to 2003 and the other group contained the people, who did not suffered from pneumonia. The researchers work on the hypothesis stated that people, who took opioids had more chances to suffer from pneumonia than people, who took benzodiazepines.

After observing the subjects they found that among the people of the first group or more specifically people, who suffered from pneumonia 13.9 percent people reported to take opioids while 8.4 percent people took benzodiazepines. On the other hand, among the people of the second group, that means the people, who did not suffer from pneumonia 8 percent people took opioids where as 4.6 percent people reported to take benzodiazepines.

The above observation made the researchers has concluded that benzodiazepines have no relation to pneumonia, while opioids lead to high risk of having pneumonia.