Oral Sex – The Key Factor Of Throat Cancer

A team of researchers have now made their statement, which has stated that oral sex is the main reason behind throat cancer in the people of under 50 years age, because at the time of doing oral sex a virus spreads into the area of throat, which causes throat cancer.

Through out their entire study they have noticed that human papilloma virus usually spreads during the period of unprotected sex, which creates a disturbing rise in potentially deadly oral cancer in the last few decades.

In general the cancer at the area of oropharynx (the top position of throat) and mouth usually spread in those men who usually drink and smoke. But most interestingly only young generations are the most victim of it.

With sequence to the entire fact Prof Maura Gillison, from the Ohio State University in Columbus, has stated “The sexually transmitted HPV at the time of doing oral sex is the main cause behind some oral cancers in spite of tobacco.”

A report of Daily Mail has stated “The main reason which is directly linked up with oral HPV infection is the total number of sexual partner of a person for lifetimes, in specific the number of individual partners with whom they have performed oral sex.”

In an interview Gillison has added “If you have got the higher number of partners in your whole life than your chance of suffering from throat cancer is too much high comparison with others.”

This entire finding was presented in the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference in Washington DC earlier this week.