Osteoporosis – CellPhone Radiation is its Latest Trigger


Human body becomes more susceptible to diseases with advancement in age. Osteoporosis, which means “porous bones”, is a disease that responsible for weakening of bones. The disease renders bones brittle, which causes them to fracture even on slight strains due to bending or coughing. One reason could be the low levels of calcium present in the body that leads to low density of bones. According to a recent analysis, it is believed that Osteoporosis is more common among people at forty and the risk increases due to prolonged exposure to cell phone radiations.Effect of Cell phone radiations

Despite the wide range of benefits that cellphones have, their radiations are responsible for a number of disastrous health repercussions, osteoporosis being the latest find. The electromagnetic radiation emitted and received by cell phones has devastating effects on the body. Studies have found a direct correlation between the levels of cell phone radiation and osteoporosis.

Case study

According to a recent research, bone density reduces because of cell phone radiation. This has been proved through an experiment conducted on a few groups of people, which involved the cell phone being attached to their waist for a certain period. The study shows a significant reduction in the Bone Mineral Content (BMC). BMC is a measure of calcium in bones. A reduction in the value illustrates the increasing risk of osteoporosis. Further, this increases the potential of specific disorders in the body. It has been observed that men who wear cell phones around their waist face a higher risk of reduced bone density than men without them do.

What are the safeguards against cellphone radiations?

Osteoporosis not only leads to the acute pain in the bones but also is responsible for early mortality rate. Increase in growth of cell phone use will have substantial effect on osteoporosis. There is a need to prioritize the use of electromagnetic shields that provide a safeguard against the harmful radiations released by the cell phones. It has to be ensured that cell phones are kept away from the vicinity of people when not in use.


Technology has both positive and negative implications. Although technology does simplify life, there are genuine risks involved. The manufacturers of cell phones are now aiming at designing technology that reduces cell phone radiations. Advancement of technology has to be based on suitability to lifestyle, while simultaneously maintaining the balance between technology and health. This balance helps in preventing diseases like Osteoporosis. In the present day, it is almost impossible to imagine life without cell phones. Nevertheless, proper usage can help in diminishing the hazardous ramifications of cell phone radiation on human body.