Over Exercise Leads To Early Menopause

In modern day women have become more figure and health conscious than earlier. They do a lot of exercise for that reason. But here is an alarm for them. A Japanese study has announced that women, who do lot of exercises, are more close to menopause than other women, who do not do so. Menopause is a condition of a woman when her ovaries cease to produce eggs and she loses the possibility of being pregnant. The menopause generally comes between ages of 41 years to 55 years.

For the study the researchers of the Gifu University, Japan chose more than 3100 women, who were in their pre menopausal stage. They observed these women for 10 years. They observed that there were some women, who worked out for 8 to 10 hours a week. After 10 years they found that those, who worked for 8 to 10 hours a week had 17 percent more chances to enter into the stage of menopause then other women.

The study also found out that eating too much polyunsaturated fats also brought the menopause faster. The women, who ate the maximum polyunsaturated fats during the time span of the study had 15 percent more close to menopause than their peers.

Dr. Manson has informed that menopause have other effects too. It cuts out the risk of breast cancer, but increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis for women.

However the study does not mean to say that too much exercise and eating too much polyunsaturated fat cause an early menopause. But what the study intend to say is that there is a link between the early menopause and over exercise or eating too much polyunsaturated fat.

There are other studies regarding menopause. But the results contradict. One of these studies shows that over exercise – or specifically more than 5 hours per week – leads to irregular menstrual cycle and that leads to later menopause. Some studies also show that there is no connection between eating polyunsaturated fat and early menopause. However the scientists have said that although the view is not proved yet moderate exercise than extreme is better.