Overcooked Meat Leads To Cancer

It has been known to all of us that over cooked meat can cause cancer. But a recent study has proved that the risk is twice more than it was thought before. After the study the researchers have found that the dark crust that gets formed on a steak of overcooked red meat can lead to intestine tumors.

According to them mutagens which is a component responsible for causing cancer is originated in high temperature. So, when the meats get fried and grilled in high temperature the sugar and the amino acid of the muscle tissue gives birth to the cancer causing component called mutagens. That increases the risk of cancer twice according to the study.
According to the researchers those harmful components that occur in over cooked meat remain absent in uncooked meat and they come in action when meat gets fried or grilled in high temperature.

Before that when researches were conducted to evaluated the effect of eating over cooked meat on developing cancer the researches involved mice in lab. But for the recent study researchers injected human enzyme into the mice so that the human like mice reacted as human and they could get better results.

When those mice were given over cooked meat to eat the researchers found in them increased risk of developing intestine tumors that can lead to cancer. On the other hand normal mice which were given the same food to eat did not showed any such possibility.

The researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, after the study, reported that the risk of developing cancer in those human like mice rose from 31 per cent to 70 per cent after eating those fried and grilled meats.

Although the study needs more evaluation the researchers has warned people to be careful about eating over cooked meat to avoid the rising risk of cancer.