Partying Drinking And Work Pressure Make Students Remember Smoking Habits

According to the findings of a new study conducted by the researchers at the University of Missouri excess party culture, drinking habits and more over, the work pressure provoke college students to stick to take to smoking. The researchers during the study in 2006 to 2008 found that students jump to smoking generally at the start of their semester and during the weekends.

The first author of the study Nikole Cronk has mentioned that the weekend parties and work pressure work together as reminder of smoking habits for the college students. Newawise caught her expressing the view. She has also stated that the findings are significant for those who are researching the issue of intensity of students’ addiction to smoking.

It is known to all that of us that students initially gets addicted to smoking in their college life. She has found college students accepting that they wanted to quit smoking after they left schools but in spite of their understanding many of them fails to do so. Smoking is essentially a bad habit that is really hard to escape. Ones you get addicted, it will start to influence you to get addicted more and more.

According to the researchers as most of the people start their smoking habits before the age of 24 in their college life, it can be a retention method to stop people to get addicted to smoking at that very age and for that evaluating the causes of their addiction must be discovered. To prevent students from develop smoking habits they should be controlled at the start of the semester and in the weekend parties. As partying, drinking and work influence them to smoke their habits of partying and drinking should also be controlled.

The study has made its appearance in the journal titled Substance Use and Misuse.