Pine Bark Could Augment Heart Function, Study Finds

According to the latest study published in Panminerva Medica, natural supplement Pycnogenol along with Coenzyme Q10 together can improve heart functions to great extents. The combination aids in improving the heart health, physical fitness, blood volume output, respiratory and heart rate and blood pressure.

The study done over patients suffering from heart failure reveals that both the natural supplements, if taken together, could strengthen the heart naturally and increase the blood volume ejection with every heart beat. As a result of this, the organs of the patient receive more blood rich in oxygen and he could feel more energetic physically than ever. Consequently heart rates, blood pressure and respiratory rates also show great improvements. The duo is a potent combination that offers great management in the heart health.

Pine bark

The antioxidant, Pycnogenol, is a plant extract found in the bark of pine tree and is extensively provided in the health shops of UK. This plant extract is proven to heal several endothelial functions and aids in proper blood flow and when clubbed with CoQ10, improves heart function. Several conditions that lead to malfunctioning of heart do not tend to reverse but proper medical treatment could manage heart failure with good results. Heart failure is a chronic, common condition that is the result of hypertension framed in the long run affects the muscles and walls of the heart and wear them out. Due to this condition the heart becomes incapable to eject or pump adequate quantity of blood to the other organs of the body.

The study was conducted at the Chieti-Pescara University of Italy, lead by Dr. Gianni Belcaro. There were 53 patients, aged between 54 to 68 years, suffering from stable heart failure and they were divided into two groups. One faction was given capsules of the combination of antioxidant and coenzyme and the other received the placebo capsules and continued with these along with their normal prescription. Everything except the capsules was at the baseline. Patients were also asked to follow a strict exercise routine along with balanced diet. By the period of 12 weeks, there was a remarkable improvement in the heart condition of the first group and along with that the physical abilities of this group of patients were substantially improved as compared to the group that received the placebo capsules giving clear evidence for the efficacy of the combination of Pycnogenol and CoQ10.