Pomegranate’s Awesome Food Value Revealed

All the fruits we eat and do not eat have number of good things in them. Some of them are known to us and some we do not know. Scientists are in constant effort to discover all these good things contained in various foods. In those constant effort scientists has found a number of good aspects of pomegranate. According to them this is the next biggest discovery after discovering aspirin from willow trees in 1829.

The scientists compared the fruit with Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss Army Knife is such kind of a knife is that it can serve a number of purposes. According to them the fruit is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of natural pharmaceuticals. The cause of that comparison is that the fruit can serve many purposes from Improving Heart Health, Lowering Blood Pressure, Treating Inflammation and reducing the risk of Cancers. That news was published in the ‘Sunday Express’.

Before that discovery scientists were not successful even at a closer level to discover the healthy attributes of the fruit from its seeds, skin and pith. The research has also found that the fruit also contain concentrated punicalagins. The concentrated punicalagins is a plant nutrient. It is found exceptionally in the fruit mentioned above. That makes the pomegranates unique in fruits and very much valuable and necessary.

But the unfortunate fact is that we generally throw away the husk, rind, seeds and inner yellow membranes, while they contain the useful plant nutrient called punicalagins. It is very sad news for all of us who ate the fruit before, because although we ate it we did not get the most wanted plant nutrient due to our ignorance.

However, the result of the research is called for reexamination by Dr Emad Al-Dujaili at Queen Margaret University in the UK.