Post Menopausal Conditions Generlly Affects Younger Women

A major issue has come into the enter lime light which has stated that in the present time a large number of women are affecting by a post-menopausal hormonal condition characteristic. The entire condition is known as HFI or Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna – which in general is attacking females earlier as well as more frequently than others.

With the sequence to the fact an earlier research by Tel Aviv University has stated that all the young women in the present world are living with 2.5 times higher risk of developing HFI infection than the women of 100 years ago.

The editorial column of American Journal of Human Biology has stated that in general HFI occurs while a hormonal imbalance leads them towards the growth of lesions or if a bone masses occurs within the area of inner skull.

But the matter of fact is that it may even lead them towards many problems such as much weight gain, chronic headaches, thyroid irregularities, which on the other hand mainly hamper their fertility habits, lifestyle, nutrition as well as living environment.

In this regard Tel Aviv statement has stated “That balance can be easily altered with the help of hormones which we now consume within our foods as well as by changing the patterns of our fertility like having children at a lateral age.”

Israel Hershkovitz, the leader of the entire study, has stated “But the matter of worrying is that the hormonal balances of women are changing and additionally taking a physical toll.”

To justify the entire matter Hershkovitz and his team mates have collected more than 992 historic female of 20 years skulls from a museum, additionally they have also involved more than 568 living female participants whose age at that time are between 20 to 103 years.