Pregnant Mother wants to run in the Olympics

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, the woman who won the Diamond Title in 2010 in the 100 meter hurdles.  She looks the same as before, the same physique that won her the hurdle is still there.  Nothing changes, if people are not going to look at her belly.

The Olympic medalist is seven months pregnant with her baby right now, but the Canadian Hurdler plans on joining the Olympic 2012 London Summer Games, the Olympic podium.  Something a common mom-to-be would not dream of undergoing after pregnancy.

Lopes-Schliep says take a hike to anyone who does not believe in her, because she knows that she could do it.

She is a fighter and never backs down from anyone.  She is one of those people who would take in negative things, not because she is afraid of them, but to use it to strengthen herself.

Her husband, Bronsen Schliep and the Canadian hurdler, Lopes-Schliep met each other during their college days in the University of Nebraska.  Both of them are into sports – she ran in the track while her then boyfriend plays as basketball star.  They never plan to become parents soon.

Lopes-Schliep says she never had any morning sickness.  She manages to stay fit at her condition right now, gaining only 15 pounds.

The expectant mother is not stopping from her regular workout.  She runs and lift weights just like before.

Her coach, Anthony McCleary, and doctor, Julia Alleyne monitor her improvement.

Lopes-Schliep says she just needs to be as healthy as feasible.  Her coach has created a training session tailored to her condition.

In the past, pregnancy considered as a career ender, but race walker Ann Peel changed that belief in 1991 when she won the title.

Aside from Ann, there are other mothers, who has achieved other people might call it as impossible to achieve.  Canadian heptathlete Jessica Zelinka won silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games a year following the birth of her child.

In 2009, Paula Radcliffe won the New York Marathon considering she has given birth to her daughter 10 months before the marathon.

Lastly, Fanny Blankers-Koen who was a mother of two has won four gold medals back in 1948.

There are numerous reports that pregnant, athletic mother has increased their strength during a performance as there was an increase in the blood and hormones throughout pregnancy.

Athletics Canada team doctor Linda Thyer says her (Lopes-Schliep) greatest test is going to be regaining  her muscle back in the abdomen, but adds that she is going to have no problem with going back to training after weeks of giving birth.