Pregnant Woman Are Living With 2.4 Time Higher Stroke Risk

The researchers at the Loyola University Health System have revealed that pregnant women might more likely face 2.4 times more risk of having stroke than the non pregnant women.

It may happen due to the high blood pressure, which during the period of pregnancy generally leads some maternal and foetal mortality worldwide. Not only that, high blood pressure during the period of pregnancy may come out with some syndrome also such as eclampsia, pre-eclampsia and a rare but serious illness officially known as “HELLP”.

Pre-eclampsia can be said a multisystem disorder, in general that is characterized by the proteinuria or the excess of protein in urine and high blood pressure. Moreover, an unnoticed pre-eclampsia is also quite being able to produce serious and fatal complications both in the mothers and the babies.

Here is not over, aside from that pre-eclampsia may be developed with some other things also such as liver dysfunction, changes in mental status, thrombocytopenia, pulmonary edema or gathering of fluid in the area of lungs, reduced urine output or oliguria and different kinds of cerebral symptoms. Additionally at this period the patient may have to face visual blurring, seizures or temporary blindness, stupor and headaches also.

Pre-eclampsia is also quite be able to progress the Help or eclampsia, which often develops into eclampsia, while a patient goes into a coma or experiences convulsive seizures.

Moreover, HELP may involve with some body problems also such as liver problems, high-blood-pressure problems and bleeding problem that may eventually harm both mother and baby.

The entire study was published at the journal Women’s Health this week.