Prenatal Stress Can Even Pass Across Generations

A new study have formed recently on the mice which have stated that the exposure of early stress during the period of early pregnancy can even leave a long term change in the body, not only that it can be even passed across the generation.

Through out the study the researchers have also concluded that within the period of study the sons of male mice exposed to prenatal stress, that was too much sensitive compared with the stress of adults.

Though, before that study Tracy Bale (PhD), from the University of Pennsylvania and her colleagues found that in general male mice were more sensitive in the subject of prenatal stress.

To justify this entire fact which they have stated earlier, Bale and Chris Morgan (from the University of Pennsylvania) have kept those stress sensitive males along with normal females in order to see how the stress transmitted into the next generation of mice.

Though, at that period the male mice had not shown any additional exposure to the stress in womb, but the child of those male mice displayed a more pronounced reaction in the subject of stress, which was just like their fathers.

So by keeping the link with the above fact Arthur Arnold, from the University of California and an expert on sex deference in the brain, has stated “The entire study has quite successfully shown that material stress in mice can be passed successfully towards the grandson of those stressed mother also.”

The entire research has published at the Journal of Neuroscience earlier this week.