Proper Diet Can Ensure That the Brain Does Not Shrink With Age

It has been a known fact that a person ages, his or her brain shrinks. However, latest research has shown that this shrinkage can be curbed by having a well balanced meal. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help the brain remain in shape and prevent shrinkage. In fact, shrinkage of the brain is one of the major factors that lead to Alzheimer’s disease. It is essential that the diet be rich in nutrients.

For the brain to be optimally healthy, the food consumed has to be rich in vitamins C, D, E and B, in addition to omega 3 fatty acids. Tests that were conducted on the brain health of people revealed that the mental prowess of people who had nutrient rich meal is much higher than those who don’t. Fish is one of the most preferred foods since it has high quantities of vitamin D and desirable fatty acids. Vegetables and fruits are endowed with most of the nutrients and hence, they have to be a part of every meal.

Studies have also shown that people who consume foods that are rich in saturated and Trans fats suffer a greater degree of brain shrinkage. These fats are found mostly in fast foods and foods that are processed, packaged and the ones that contain margarine. Several frozen foods also contain these fats.

The present study was undertaken with 104 participants. The average age of the study group was 87 years. The participants did not suffer from any degree of cognitive failure or other problems related to the brain. In order to determine the nutritional value of the blood, all the participants were subjected to blood tests. Participants were also subjected to tests to evaluate thinking and memory skills. The other test that was conducted was an MRI scan. This was conducted in order to determine the volume of the brain. It was found that most of the participants had good nutritional value, barring 7% who had low levels of vitamin B12 and 25% who had low levels of vitamin D.

It was found that there was a significant relationship between the nutritional level in the blood and volume of brain. People who were deficient in nutrients had lower brain volumes. However, researchers said that further tests need to be conducted in order to reach accurate results. The study has also showed that by eating nutritious food, brain shrinkage can be stopped.