Protein Drink and Its Multipurpose Health Benefits

Protein drinks more beneficial than carbohydrates after workout

According to research by Benjamin F. Miller from the Colorado State University of Fort Collins, Colorado, protein drinks are far more beneficial as an after workout drink when compared to carbohydrate drinks. The research was conducted on sixteen people of at least thirty-seven years of age.

The study

The subjects in the study were observed after working out on treadmills for three-fourths of an hour every alternate day for six weeks. While one group was nourished with a protein drink, the other was provided with a carbohydrate drink. Heavy water labeling was the method used to examine the metabolism rates of the participants. It was observed that muscle tissues developed faster and better in the group that was given protein drinks. The muscle tissues, which were examined under ultrasensitive mass spectroscopy, were found to be stronger when compared to the other group.

Why are protein drinks more beneficial?

Muscle tissues build on proteins. Proteins, which are the building blocks of muscles, are derived from amino acids. In case of damaged muscle tissues that need to be repaired, protein nourishment is a good choice. Consumption of more protein drinks helps in building muscles. Protein drinks are very beneficial for muscle tissues because muscles undergo wear and tear while exercising or lifting weights. Protein drinks repair the torn tissues and heal them faster. As a result, it is easier to workout and stay fit. The recovery process is fast and efficient. While carbohydrate drinks provide instant energy, they are not effective in repairing and lending strength to tissues, which is why proteins are more beneficial after exercising.

Protein drinks are effective to reduce muscle pain in the elderly

As per the above mentioned research, another major benefit of drinking protein drinks is for the elderly who like to workout. As muscles loose elasticity with age, pain in the muscles increases. Muscles are torn more easily in old people than in younger individuals. It was found that older individuals were benefited from drinking protein drinks in a much enhanced manner. Editor in chief of the FASEB journal, which published the report, said that protein drinks are a way to graceful ageing.

How much proteins must be taken

In the study involving individuals, the dosage of protein administered was only twenty grams. While protein drinks are a quick and easy way of filling the body with proteins, they can be taken in different ways. Best method of protein intake is through natural foods like lintels, pulses, fish and meat. Dairy products are also a rich source of protein intake. Protein shakes can be home made based on several recipes. The trick is to use the right combination of protein rich ingredients in order to make the drink taste good. Ingredients like soy milk, banana, orange juice, vanilla protein powder, different kinds of berries and dry fruits like almonds and raisins make a good protein drink. There a plethora of companies, which are manufacturing protein drinks. These are healthy, tasty and good for building lean muscles.