Purple Potatoes In Fact Good For Health

A recent study has proved that potatoes can decrease high blood pressure level. In a recent study researchers tested with purple skinned potatoes and found that these potatoes have elements that can reduce blood pressure level. They asserted that although the study did not include the red skinned and the white skinned potatoes these potatoes might have the similar effects.

We have a common belief about the potatoes that they donate so much to the fat content of our body. Joe Vinson, who is a Ph.D. from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania said that this can be called an unwelcomed bad reputation against Potatoes and it is really an insult of potatoes that most of the health conscious people omit potatoes from their diet charts.

But the reality is in a reverse position of the belief. The potatoes actually contain 110 calories each only and numbers of phylochemicals and vitamins provided on condition that the potatoes must be served without butter or margarine or cream. Fried potatoes are also a strict no no.

For the study the researchers requested 18 people to be their subjects. They all were patients of high blood pressure with overweight. They were requested to eat six to eight purple potatoes with skin twice a day. They followed the routine for a month. After the month they did not put on any extra weight and most surprisingly their diastolic blood pressure level was decreased 4.3 percent and the systolic pressure dropped by 3.5 percent. It must also be noted that maximum patients among them took anti hypertensive drugs.

So after the study researchers concluded that potatoes if not fried or associated with fatty food products like butter, are safe in fact good for health. Fried potatoes do not contain such value, because when fried they lose all the healthy substances and there remains only starch, fat etc.