Pycnogenol Helps By Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

A recent study has proved that pycnogenol helps the kidneys of metabolic syndromes patients to function more efficiently than they do. Pycnogenol is a kind of antioxidant, which remains in the bark of the French maritime pine tree.

The story with the metabolic syndrome patients is that their kidneys get affected by their high blood pressure and level of glucose in their blood. Because of that in these people’s body the kidney function of filtering waste gets disturbed.

Dr. Peter Rohdewald, who was a lead researcher of the study mentioned has asserted that the pycnogenol reduces hypertension as well as increases kidney functionality. He has also asserted the pycnogenol also influence the glucose level in blood and weight loss process.

The research took place in the Nephrology Unit at the L`Aquila Hospital in Italy. For the study the researchers requested 58 people to be their subject of the study. The selected 58 people were the patients of hypertension. They also showed all the criteria for diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. It must be mentioned here that the World Health Organization abbreviated as WHO has listed 4 criteria for the diagnosis of hypertension and that are hypertension, high blood lipids, high fasting blood glucose and obesity. Another common thing between these patients was they all were positive to kidney problem.

The subjects were divided into two groups one containing 31 people and another containing rest of the people. They all were suggested a healthier lifestyle than before including normal exercise. They were also suggested to take the anti-hypertensive medication Ramipril 5 mg twice a day. The only difference between the two groups was that the group of 31 people was requested to take Pycnogenol in addition in a standard dose of 50 mg three times a day. After the study the group of 31 patients showed better condition than before than the other group of people.