Red Meat Risky For The Heart

Disappointment for meat lovers

Recent news that stated that red meat is risky for the heart, which is disappointing to the meat lovers. It is important for all of us to be aware of the healthy and the non-healthy foods for our hearts as the food we eat play a significant role in keeping the heart healthy. Most of us come across news about this topic almost every day but how many of us really pay attention to this? The answer is almost nobody pays heed to the news.Simple diet for a healthy heart

However, it becomes important to know that there are some simple habits that can benefit our eating habits for a healthier heart. One of the easiest methods to achieve this is to reduce the amount of red meat that we consume. However, there is no need to despair, as this does not imply eliminating the yummy beefsteak from our tables. One only need to reduce the quantity consumed and reduced the regularity with which it is consumed.

Reduce the quantity of red meat

While deciding on your meal, ensure that the amount of red meat consumed is reduced. A small change in replacing the amount of red meat with healthier foods, such as vegetables and fruits will balance the effects of the meat on your heart. When you eat red meat, only take a small portion that fills only one-fourth of your plate. Until a few years ago, red meat was considered a luxury and one must continue believing this to be true and keep the meat for the special Sunday meals.

Consumption of red meat on the rise

Presently, the amount of red meat consumed by the American population has more than doubled in the last few years. This has been causing much concern to the cancer researchers within the country. A recent study encompassing millions of women between the ages of fifty years and seventy years shows that the increased meat consumption has taken its toll on the health of the citizens, reducing the average life of the women.

Findings from the study

The study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who consumed a higher quantity of red meat were more prone to heart diseases and breast cancer. This was not true in women who controlled their meat consumption and ate only a small amount of red meat.