Right Exercises An Help Provide Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis

Latest research has stressed on the importance of ‘mindfulness’ exercises to obtain relief from chronic rheumatoid aches. These exercises help in reducing the stress on the joints and hence, reduce the pains.  These exercises are to be performed no matter how tough they are.

For the study, people suffering from different levels of rheumatoid pains were selected. The age group of the study group ranged between twenty and seventy years. In all, seventy three participants were chosen for the study. All the participants were suffering from different forms of rheumatoid problems such as arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and enclosing spondylitis. Among them, half were assigned to performing mindful exercises and the half was subjected to normal exercises with a video CD to follow. The first group was subjected to ten sessions of exercises that stretched over fifteen weeks. After these fifteen weeks, booster session was provided that ranged over six months. The second half was allowed to exercise at their home by following the CD.

Expert health care professionals were assigned to guide the first group in their exercises. The exercise regime was adopted from Vitality Training Program. The experts were specially trained to teach mindfulness exercises. Every session was dedicated a different aspect of the problem, which included handling emotions and being aware of the limitations posed by the disease. These exercises required participants to be just aware of their feeling. They were encouraged not to be judgmental or to avoid the problem. Acceptance and awareness were required of the participants. Mindful exercises included music therapy, drawing and other activities that encouraged creativity in people. They were also encouraged to share experiences.

Experts noted the improvements and betterments in the participants after the entire course duration. They were judged on their ability to control symptoms, pain, fatigue and other important parameters. The same evaluation was carried out after exactly a year. It was found that a majority of the participants had reduced levels of fatigue and stress. The researchers concluded from the results that being mindful of their condition and the pain, in addition to their limitations in mobility, had a positive impact on the participants. The other half of the study group did not experience these benefits. Mindfulness exercises had an effect on the psychology of the person and hence, helped them cope better with the condition. This resulted in reduced discomfort up to an extent. Mindfulness exercises have to be a part of all therapies for rheumatoid conditions.