Risk Of Disease Can Be Cut By The Sex Hormone

As we all know about this fact that men in general suffer more rarely from various kinds of inflammatory diseases than a women, but a new research has made few days ago which has stated that sexual hormones are quite being able to play the key role in this matter.

With the sequence to the fact the scientists of this research has stated that testosterone plays the key role in reducing of inflammatory diseases as well as allergies than women.

Dr. Carlo Pergola, from the Institute of Pharmacy of University Jena, has stated “Through out the entire research with the help of a series of analysis we have found that both the cells of man and cells of women always react on different ways to inflammatory stimuli.”

Scientists have also declared that women certain immune cells in general produce pro-inflammatory substances nearly twice than men. To fulfill the entire fact of this study the researchers, named as Jena, have involved many students or colleagues of Stockholm in Sweden, Tubingen in Germany and Naples in Italy. After that they have purchased all of those molecular bases of this difference and have published the entire result of their study.

To justify the entire fact they first have isolated immune cells of female and male donors and left them on the test tube before analyze them. But in test tube they have found that in general the activity of enzymes is too much reasonable for the production of the pro-inflammatory substances. But they have also said that usually enzyme phospholipase D in male cells is less active than enzyme phospholipase D in female cells.

Pergola has added “This kind of activities of the enzyme can be reduced after a short treatment with testosterone, which has also within the female immune cells.”

In this matter the results, of this entire finding, are also indicating that men sex hormones are quite being able to play the key role in the modulation of the immune response.

This entire researched has been published in the FASEB Journal last week.