Risk Of Liver Disease Can Be Increased By Obesity

Obesity accelerates the rate of cirrhosis progression, according to the suggestion of an NIH-funded multicenter study.

With sequence to the fact researchers from the Europe and US have found that increment of BMI or Body Mass Index itself is one of the independent predictor of the clinical de-compensation in patients, which can even compensated independent of portal pressure, cirrhosis as well as liver function.

The entire findings are suggesting that in general obesity accelerates the progression of cirrhosis as well as measures the number of reduced BMI, which somehow can even improve the prognosis for patients along with advanced liver disease.

By keeping the link with the above fact Prior studies have shown that obesity may cause for frequent liver disease, which is quite being able to progress to cirrhosis. This is the first study which has estimated that near about 17 percent of liver cirrhosis are attributed for increasing the body weight.

Though, the other studies have suggested that lower survival rates among the patients with existing cirrhosis are caused due to the obesity related liver disease than the viral cirrhosis.

In this case Dr. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, the professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut, have said “By giving the prior evidence of the detrimental effects of the obesity over the liver disease we can successfully measure that BMI increases the risk of transition from the compensated to de-compensated cirrhosis.”

To justifying the entire fact the researchers of this study have also included more than 160 patients with compensated cirrhosis, those they have provided beta blockers in order to prevent varices.

There after Garcia-Tsao have stated “The patients who in general are too much over weighted or obeyed are at a great risk of progression of the cirrhosis.”

This entire issue has published at the August issue of Hepatology.