Russell Means suffering from Cancer

Russell Means has met face to face with Death before.  There  are lots of time wherein he manages to escape death in his lifetime.  Now, he is facing the greatest hindrance in his life since he has  cancer.

The Native American actor from cancer of the throat, the cancer has already gotten to his tongue, lungs and lymph nodes.   Doctors already told Means that surgery could not do anything about his condition.

Although, if surgery  still an option, there is no way that Means will result to such treatment.  Means said that it would result to losing his voice as surgery would mean removing his tongue.

He believes that losing the ability to speak is worse than death.  He also does not like chemotherapy and radiation.   He said that it would leave his taste bud not working anymore.

If he loses the ability to speak or taste any food, then he would just give up in his life.  For him, death is  better than lose any of the above abilities.

Being fed by a tube and riding a wheelchair is unacceptable for him.

Since he found out  he has cancer, he had resulted to taking indigenous medicines and spiritual healing ceremonies found throughout the North American Native American culture.

Means is going to fight the disease with natural ways healing ways.  There are herbal plants that can fight the cancer cells.  Aside from the herbal medicines, he also gets treatments  approved in Europe and Canada but not in the United States at an alternative cancer center in Scottsdale, Ariz.

When it comes to political fight, anyone who is familiar with Means knows that he is never going to back off, but since this concern his physical well-being he has no choice but to take a philosophical approach.

He believes in the old saying that if it his time to go then he must go.

The effect of cancer on his body can be seen as his buff body, which was last seen on the movie, “Last of the Mohican” now shrinks.

There is a Lakota belief that one must cut their hair to release something.  This is the reason why he cuts his hair.  He is grieving over the disease  bestowed upon him.

On his last statement, Means says that his critics might be rejoicing upon knowing the news that he is suffering from cancer.  He then laughed about it, and added that he would never get into where he is into right now if he bothers with what people thinks of him.