Sausage Skin – Developed To Prevent Diabetes

British Scientists have now developed an implanted sleeve skin which is looking like a giant sausage skin. In matter of the skin, with this skin they have claimed that this skin is quite being able to cure diabetes.

With sequence to the fact John Mason, the team leader of this study of the Trafford Healthcare National Health Service Trust UK, have stated “This two feet long device can reduce diabetes successfully within a week, moreover it is quite being able to act as an incision less alternative at the area of weight loss surgery, which additionally known as a duodenal switch.”

Dudenum” is generally known as the first 10 to 12 inches of small intestine, which takes place outside of stomach.

This new device, named as EndoBarrier, is specially designed for providing the same effect at the time of surgery but being safe way. It is plastic sleeves that can lines in the duodenum, which additionally indicates that by using this food can only be absorbed lower down the intestine.

Daily Mail has reported that they have performed the entire procedure under an anaesthetic condition during an hour. Within this they have put the sleeve via mouth and have passed that into the digestive tract by using a thin tube.

Once it takes place within that position a sprung titanium anchor prevents it from slipping out, though it is removed after a year. Moreover, during this trial period the team researchers have found that by using this obese patient with existing diabetes can go into remission regarding their disease.

This has been kept under clinical trials at three British Hospitals, where aside from that this successfully low the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Though, in this matter Mason have said “Now this operation is available only in the private hospitals.”