Scientists Found New Solution To Cancer

It has been reported by a research by scientists at Karolinska Institution in Sweden that common painkillers, anti-viral drugs are useful against even the most deadly form of cancer.

Scientists are demanding that the common painkillers and the anti-viral drugs can bit a virus that is found in many tumors and it help in their progress. The scientists also claimed to find strong proof for it. The ‘Daily Express’ has reported that by killing the virus with the help of common painkillers and the anti-viral drugs the growth of tumors can be slowed down up to 72 percent.

The researchers were studying a virus that is present in the body of the three quarter of people but remains latent usually. The virus is named the Cytomegalo virus or the CMV in short. The species of the virus that resides in human body is called the Human CMV (HCMV) or Human Herpes virus – 5 (HHV – 5). This virus is found in all the people irrespective to their geographical location. But they are found to infect 50% – 80% of adults in United States. These viruses generally infect human body that aged from 6 year to 80 years.

The virus come in action when it finds cancer cells in body and gradually speed up their growth. Scientists are now blaming the CMV to play the central role in the Brain cancer, Breast cancer, Bowel cancer and Prostate cancer.

Scientists have claimed that by treating this virus in the primary stage of tumor it is possible to eliminate them because it is possible to treat and remove the tumors in primary stage by Chemotherapy.

That discovery is no doubt presents a new approach to treat cancer and is believed to leads in the long term. Scientists and doctors all over the world welcomed it.