Scientists Found Three More Gene Faults Responsible For Skin Cancer

Researchers have claimed to find out Three Flawed Genes responsible for increasing the risk of Skin Cancer by nearly 30 percent. Before the new report we knew that people, who have fairer skin, number of moles on the skin or blue eyes or have someone in their family, who had suffered from skin cancer before have a risk of developing skin cancer. But the new study has opened new doors of information to us.

A researcher team of team of the University of Leeds claimed that they have found a DNA Flaw, which is related to Melanoma, which is the most fatal type of skin cancer.

For the research the researchers requested nearly 3000 European people, who had Melanoma to be the subjects. They took their Blood Samples and test their DNA Bonding. They also took blood samples from randomly selected normal people and analyzed their DNA bonding. Then the researchers compared the gene analysis reports of the randomly taken normal people with the 3000 European people, who had melanoma.

They have found that nearly 2.3 million people in Europe have at least two sets of the above mentioned Gene Flaws. They have also mentioned that all the 2.3 million people have acquired one set of the gene flaws from each parent.

The possibility of having melanoma is one per 60 people, but if a person possesses all the copies of the above mentioned three gene flaws then the possibility for him increases to one person per 46 persons.

Before the new study scientists found five Pigmentation Genes and three genes that lead to mole formation. All these genes have responsibility for Cancer, it has been proved. And now scientists are considering it as a real progress to find three more gene faults that can lead to melanoma.