Sea Salt Not Good For Health

Sea salt although much costlier than table salt is no better thing to health. It is in fact an expensive way to the harm health, believe researchers. Table salt is 19 times cheaper than its buddy sea salt. Kay Dilley who is a nutritionist at Consensus Action on Salt and Health, abbreviated as CASH has suggested that people, who spend a high amount of money for sea salts every month, should shift to table salts immediately. They have also pointed out to the statistics that approximately 55 per cent of people buy sea salt.

CASH in their interview to the Daily Mail has asserted that although suggested by celebrity chefs sea salt is nothing but a costly way to harm health. Reputed professor of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and also the chairman of CASH, Mr. Graham MacGregor has suggested that celebrity chefs should immediately advancing people toward using sea salt because it is really discreditable for them to do so. More over sea salt is relatively more dangerous because as it does not taste much salty people tend to consume it more. MacGregor has also suggested that cutting down one gram of salt use per day can save over 6000 people to die from heart diseases and strokes.

The researcher team analyzed total seven salt products including both sea salt and table salt. They measured and compared the amount of sodium chloride content in sea salt products and table salt products. They found that the two kind of salt products contain the same amount of sodium chloride content and therefore both of them are equally harmful to health.

Scientific studies have proved that excess salt in body leads to High Bold Pressure levels which in turn cause Strokes, Heart Failures and Heart Diseases and also Stomach Cancer and Kidney Failure.