Seven Steps To Get A Healthy Life

Do you want to live long? Yes – I mean, obviously yes. That is the one and only answer to that question. There will be hardly any person, who does not want to live long. But in today’s world it is really hard to live long, because with our changing life style we have lost the time to take care of our health, food etc etc. A very few of us are still able to take care of themselves properly. As it is really time taking we have to sacrifice for the sake of our Life Style, Career, Commitments etc.

But most recently a leading Heart Doctor has brought a great news for us. According to him we can live to the age of 100 (!!!) if we follow some simple steps. DR. Clyde Yancy, who is a Canadian Cardiologists has mentioned that by following the simple steps, which he has prescribed 90 percent of people can live up to the age of 90 years of age and some can even live to the age of 100. According to him following his advice will surely add some extra years of age to the follower’s age.

He has mentioned 7 simple steps all together including not smoking, controlling cholesterol level, gaining and continuing a healthy and balanced weight, controlling blood pressure, regulating diabetes, having healthy and balanced diet and being active. He has also claimed that if people start to follow the steps it will be possible to control the greatest killer disease in Britain, Heart Disease and the Type 2 Diabetes – that is related to obesity.

The reputed doctor has strongly claimed in the occasion of  Canadian Cardiovascular Congress on last Sunday – that the above steps is also quiet being able to prevent people from the other chronic illness like cancer.