Signs Of Ageing like Wrinkles Can Predict Bone Density In Woman

Wrinkles predict bone density

Every woman, whether sixteen or sixty desires to look beautiful with soft, flawless and wrinkle-free skin.  Moreover, many women live in the misconception that being slim and bony is akin to being beautiful. However, latest studies conducted reveal a deep connection between the way a woman looks and her health. Facial wrinkles, which are a nightmare for a woman, can predict the bone density of women.Lifestyle makes a difference

Women today are developing a realistic attitude towards the urban lifestyle and they are doing incredibly good. However, ageing is inevitable. At some point of time, metabolism rate of the body slows down. Scientists found that bone density of a woman can be predicted by the wrinkles that she had during her menopause period. Women aged over fifty are prone to risk of osteoporosis, which reduces the density of bones. It is necessary to improve the quality of life by consuming healthy food and lead an active lifestyle in order to keep up health in general and bone density in particular.

Body metabolism

Most of the doctors make a genuine attempt to spread the message that women must be aware of the changes in the skin that indicates as to what is actually happening inside their musculoskeletal system. The research conducted by Lubna Pal, an endocrinologist at Yale’s School of medicine reveals that there is direct relationship between wrinkles of the forehead and at lower eyelids on bone density. Although the fact seems to be subtle, it is believed that skin and the bone share group of proteins in common called the Collagens. As the ageing starts among women, several changes in collagen cause the skin to lose elasticity and the wrinkles and skin to droop. Loss of collages also affects the density of bones.

Scientific findings

The scientific study lays emphasis on the wrinkles developed over woman especially at pre-menopause stage. This might be fatal for older people. This analysis has found that women with more wrinkles are prone to risks of bone fracture. The bone density was tested using X-rays and ultrasound. Women need to pay more attention to their wrinkles since they indicate disturbance in bone density. Wrinkles are not just bad for looks, but they are also an indication of bad bones.

Scope for a better lifestyle

Lack of physical activity, poor dietary habits will cause calcium deficiency, which leads to bone damage. Therefore, it is advisable to take calcium supplements, mineral rich diet and regular exercise and health check-ups.