Single dies younger

If you are one of those people, who are still single even though already in the right age to be married then you should read this news.  This would change your way of thinking about living a happy single life.  You might die younger compared to your peers, who already got married.

Assistant professor of sociology at the University of Louisville, Ky.,  and Author of the study, David Roelfs proves to everyone just how single will die at an early age compared to their batch mates.

The researchers got the data from some 90 earlier studies, including more than 500 million people, and compared the risk of death for singles from those reports — described as those who never got married — to that of a conjugal group, excluding those  separated or widowed.

According to research, the mortality rate for men not yet married, is 32 percent higher across a life span compared to married men.  The death rate of single women is only 23 percent higher compared with their married counterpart.

For a better explanation, let’s just forget about the percent and look at it this way.  Single men might die at an earlier age of seven to 17 years than their married male friends.  The female endangered of dying in 15 years earlier compared to their married counterparts.

The researchers assume that the numbers could be the result of poor health benefits, meager public assistance and a smaller amount of income for singles.  Also, the fact that singles does not have the same social support of a loving husband/bride.

The researchers added that if one of the couples is sick.  The other one will tell his other half to drink his medicine, exercise more, and eat healthy foods.  Still, single people can get the same support from their parents, siblings and friends, but not as intense as a married couple would be getting from their other half.

The good news for a single, who has survived their younger years since, they can survive better than their married counterpart.  The mortality of singles that are in the ages between 30 to 39-years-old was 128 percent greater than among married people that are in the same age.  However, the scenario seems to change when they become older.  Singles age, which luckily got into the 70 years old group, has only a 16 percent death rate compared to married counterpart.

For all those singles, out there, they should look for their better halves since a married life will not only make their life happy, but it could also extend their life.