Sleep On Your Back If You Want Good Rest

It has proved earlier that night sleep is too much important because it contains a numerous health benefits, but in general most of the people often distracts from getting a good sleep at night because they do they know the know the exact sleep position.

A recent study has stated that the best position of sleeping to sleep on your back. It is very useful because it usually prevents back and neck pain and on the other hand it reduces wrinkles and reflux also. So, it is necessary to make a suitable position for head, neck and spine at the time of sleep at night.

But be remembered the people with sleep apnea and severe snoring should avoid sleeping on their back. Because this position is specially recommended for the people, who in general have been suffering from back pain for a long period.

After that the study has also stated that the next best position of sleeping is side position, because it has too much benefit for the overall health as it prevents back and neck pain and reduces snoring and acid reflux also.

Moreover, side sleeping is also too much necessary for the pregnant women, because earlier this has proved that left side sleeping is too much helpful to increase the blood flow to the baby. Although, sleeping at side position always keep the spine elongated by preventing back soreness.

But this study have also proved that the worst position of sleeping is sleeping on your stomach position, though the stomach position in general cause snoring but in the mean time it is too much bad for your back or neck. Additionally if one will sleep with stomach position then it will be very difficult for him to maintain a natural spine position. As a result it puts its pressure on the muscles and joints – resulted joint pain, irritate nerves and tingling.