Sleeplessness Affects Married Relationship

If wives cannot sleep, marital bliss is at risk

Latest studies have shown a correlation between sleeplessness in wives and relationship between the couple and unfortunately, the results are negative. While it has been known that sleeping disorders have a negative effect on relationships, this study has pointed out that husbands do not trigger as much problems due to sleeplessness as wives do.The study

An assistant professor of Psychiatry belonging to the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Wendy Trowel, spearheaded the research. The study was conducted on thirty-five couples, thirty two years being the average age, who did not suffer any other health condition that might disturb sleeping patterns. Further, the couples enjoyed happy married relationships. The study took place over duration of ten days and nights. Their reactions to sleeplessness were observed with the help of sensors. Electronic diaries were given to couples in order to note their reactions and mood swings with regard to their partners.

What does the study prove?

The study effectively proved that sleeplessness in wives could ruin the relationship. There was an increased incidence of criticism, argument and being ignored from the female partner. Interestingly, the same disorder in men did not cause an adverse hampering of the relationship. According to experts, the reason behind this difference might be the fact that women are more expressive hence, tend to bring out their feelings more openly.  Although men might be going through the same amount of irritation and turmoil, they do not display their feelings as openly as women do.

Experts speak

Experts who are aware of the effects of insomnia and difficult relationships say that sleep can make a major difference to building up a healthy relationship between couples. The negative effects of sleeplessness are manifested quickly and in most cases, the next day. Experts also say that while sleeplessness can adversely affect a relationship, the converse is also true. An unhealthy relationship can have disastrous consequences on sleep.

A good sleep is the secret behind marital bliss

Concerning this study, it can be said that difficulties in relationships can be solved to a certain extent on the basis of sleep. Studying the sleeping patterns of the couple, especially the wife, can give an insight into spousal relationships. A good sleep therapy can be one of the best remedies to begin with since sleeplessness triggers a lot of unnecessary tension. While counseling couples, counselors can use this as one of the evaluation criteria.