Smoker Women Living With High Heart Disease Risks Than Man

In general the women, who smokes regularly, are living with 25 percent higher risk of developing heart disease compared with those man, who smokes regularly, according to the report of a new study.

The scientists have also stated that in the toxins, which comes out from the burning of cigarette in general left a bad effect on the heart of women, though practically women smoke very fewer with the comparison of men.

The report of the Daily Mail is stating that in this regard Dr Rachel Huxley, from the University of Minnesota, and Dr Mark Woodward, from the Johns Hopkins University have collected the results of 86 international studies. Also they have involved more than 2.4 million of people as evidence. But the result that has come out through out the entire study is stating something different – women health in general affected very badly by smoking than men.

Not only that the other surveys have stated that practically the women, who smokes regularly, are living with double risk of lung cancer compared with the other male counterparts and apart from that they often suffer from other aggressive forms of the disease also.

This latest review has looked at near about 75 sets of data including the 67,000 coronary heart disease events like heart attack.

But the result has stated that the ratio of the risk of heart attack after smoking is 25 percent higher with the comparison of male participants.

Most unfortunately this ratio increased by near about 2 percent every year of follow up. Which aside from that are indicating that the risks of suffering from heart disease for the women are increasing day by day rapidly.

The entire study has published at the Online First by the Lancet medical journal earlier this week.