Smoking May Create Ear Infection On Children

Last day an online publisher has stated that kids, whose parents smokes regularly, are more likely get ear infection as well as hearing problem than others children. Also the study has stated that while moms lit up, then the kids twice more needed for a surgery in order to prevent ear infection or similar problems.

The above finding is the result of 61 earlier combined studies, though the matter of fact is that all of those studies were failed to show the exact result individually, but its combined effect are stating that every year thousands of ear infection may happen due to parent’s smoking.

With the sequence to the fact Dr. Michael Weitzman, from York University Medical Center, has stated “It is too much impressive, in specific while ear infection crates enormous pain.”

Later he has added “This publication is once again broadcasts a common child problem which is indirectly involved with mother’s smoking.”

Moreover the combined result of many earlier studies have stated that the kids who usually live with smoker, may more likely get 30 percent higher chance of developing middle ear disease, which may include ear infections as well as hearing problems. The result has additionally stated that the kids whose mother smokes regularly are living with 62 percent higher risk of developing ear problem or ear infection.

Weitzman has also stated “While mothers of  kids smoke regularly, then it should not avoid that they are living with 86 percent more chance of developing ear cancer than those kids whose mother do not smoke regularly.”

The study has also showed that everywhere three out of four kids are living with ear infection while they are passing at age of three to four years.

Last but not in the list Dr. Joseph DiFranza, from University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester and a tobacco researcher, has stated “Ear infection has become very common at this time, but surgery is not the proper solution of that, because it brings many side effects in future.”