Solution to Teen Pregnancy

In the world that we are living today, innovation and liberty is just common. In truth, most of the younger generations try to focus on discovering new things around them that they tend to be careless.  Statistics say that the rate of birth in teenagers has increased to 200 percent ever since the 60’s, and one out of four women gets pregnant at an early age of 18 and half of it is going to be pregnant by the age of 21. If this is the case, parents must be ready to educate their children regarding teen pregnancy.

Reasons of pregnancy:

Experts believe that there are several reasons affecting teen pregnancy. Their belief that having a baby is going to bring some changes in their lives like that of having some friends or getting closer to their families and their boyfriend. Though, they believe that they know all things around them, but they are not aware that having a baby adds more responsibilities in their lives. Pregnancy causes a life to change. Parents must educate their children regarding the effects of pregnancy to their life.

Effects to a country:

Many countries are on the promotion of safe sex for teens, largely because of the astonishing inflation in population rate these past decades. A good example is the Red China. The country had implemented the two child policy because to prevent over population. If a mother is expecting a third child, then she must be ready to abort the baby be a risk to be executed for defying the law. This is the reason why China is among the top rated users of pregnancy test kits.

According to statistics, the population of China has risen to 2 billion in the 90’s. There is also a belief that if all the Chinese would jump at the same time, it is going to create an enormous earthquake in the Pacific region.


Teenagers tend to become curious whenever the subject is sex. They are willing to do anything just to bring happiness to their selfish pleasure, and it is impossible for parents to hold them back. Most of the time, teenagers are the most common buyers of pregnancy kits.

Most of the Christians are not open when it comes to talking sex with their young ones. This practice is going to lose their innocence once that they got exposed to such immorality. Perhaps, it would be better if such thin would be thought at home and at school since parents and teachers are there to guide them. If they are not taught about it at school, then they are going to be curious to find it out for themselves. Such curiosity results to teen pregnancy.