Soy Products May Prevent You From Lung Cancer

Researchers have claimed that people, who live on diets that include tofu or similar unfermented soy products, have fewer chances to develop lung cancer. Although the study has not yet proved that soy can protect people from Lung Cancer. It is scientifically proved that a compound found in soy, named the isoflavones slows down the growth of cancer cells.
The Chinese and the American researchers together studied 11 observational studies from past and found that people who had the maximum soy in their dietary lists showed 23 per cent less chances to develop lung cancer than people who had the least soy in their diet. The American Cancer Society has revealed that while 8 per cent of men will suffer from Lung Cancer at some point the percentage among women will be only 6 per cent.

The study results have been appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. According to Wan-Shui Yang along with his colleagues from the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine the results include many cautions in this regard. The researchers have made it clear that while they are talking about the link between Soy Products and decreasing risk of developing lungs cancer they indicate only to the unfermented soy products like tofu or soy milk. To be more specific they have mentioned that the research has showed effects of soy products in slowing down cancer cell growth only in people who are complete non smokers, in women and in Asian people.

A researcher from the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida named Mr. Matthew Schabath has proposed the need more researches in that field to find out the link between soy products and lung cancer. In his speech given to Reuters Health he has mentioned that consuming unfermented soy products may not be the only responsible content in slowing down the lung cancer risk but there can be a group of nutrients that are responsible for the effect.

However until further information in this field come forward, he has advised people to stay away from smoking and be wise enough to follow the instructions that have already been forwarded by scientists.