Spies tried to used hormone against Adolf Hitler

This must have been the strangest plan of British army to bring down Adolf Hitler during his times.  They plan on bringing down the Führer by using a sex hormone against the German leader.

Agents planned to incorporate dozen of the hormone oestrogen into the fuhrer’s food so that Adolf Hitler would be more feminine like and less aggressive.  More like Hitler’s younger sister Paula, who had a normal life and worked as a secretary.

According to Professor Brian Ford, who discovered the plot, Spies from the British regime came close enough to Adolf Hitler to fulfill the plan.  They already got access to his food.

He clarified that the British army chose oestrogen since it was tasteless and would have a slow and delicate effect, meaning it would pass Hitler’s food testers without getting noticed.

Prof Ford, a science writer and fellow of Cardiff University, said that there was an Allied plan that they would are going to include oestrogen into Hitler’s food so that his sex would be change to that of a female., which would result to a less aggressive Hitler.

The research already showed that how important is the sex hormone. The hormone used as sex therapy in London.

Since Hitler had food sampler, it would be impossible to use poison on him as it would kill the food tester first.

Sex hormone has a different approach.

The oestrogen strategy got  summarized in a new book Prof Ford has compose called Secret Weapons: Technology, Science And The Race To Win World War II.

He claims that the idea was not the only bizarre idea to take the German army down acceptable to end the war.

Some possibilities included in the plan were dropping glue on Nazi troops so that the Nazi would be stuck to the ground.  As well as disguising bombs in tins of fruit  imported to Germany.

Another strange plan is dropping boxes filled with snakes on the enemy troops.

However, the above were not the oddest as the giant water-borne Catherine wheel full of explosives, which was as Great Panjandrum plan is the oddest of them all.  The plan was to be used the explosives for an assault on the Normandy coast.

There is a possibility that it could work.  Despite the fact, they spent £1 million on the strategy, testing it on the waters of Cardiff and Western Super Mare.”

Prof Ford unearthed the details of the hare-brained schemes by looking throughout stacks of freshly declassified files.