STRESS Can Lead To Serious Health Problems, Even Heart Disease

After running a recent survey about the most common cause showed in leave applications in Britain, researchers has found that it is stress, which compels maximum people to take long term leaves of four week or more in Britain.

Doctors are now thinking that the particular psychological condition of stress has become so prevalent nowadays that it can be considered as equally strong to the “Black Death of 21st century”. CIPD reported that stress has let down fatal diseases like stroke, heart attack and cancer in its far reaching effect.

According to an adviser of CIPD, J. Miller in modern time most of the working people are suffering from stress, because of the work pressure and excessive tension, which they have to face in their work places, especially in those firms, which have declared to dismiss many employees.

Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University Management School has informed that stress has long term effects on behavioral changes. It causes a person to behave in a very different way rather than the way he or she naturally behaves. The people who are going through a lone term stress easily lose focus, continue to lose their sense of humor gradually and they also lose their temper easily, they started to bother on less important topics even started to be disturbed by insignificant matters. Later on, they begin to engage themselves in over eating or less eating, drinking and smoking in an excessive level.

In primary stage stress can be handled and cured, but you ignore it and let it make you more and more upset it can lead you to serious stomach or bowel problems and even to heart problem.

It is being said that employees of the firms, which are going through recession are feeling very much insecure regarding their jobs and to make themselves secure they are engaging themselves in  constant effort to impress the bosses, which is leading them to extreme work load and then STRESS.